Pay your annual board dues here.


Currently, the Board of Directors consists of:

President:  Carolyn Galbraith-Woodruff

Vice President:  John Pitts

Treasurer:  Chris Peisley-Brown

Secretary:  Stephanie Wright

Fundraising Director:  Serena Knauf-McNally

Members Include:

Ginny Baxter
Pat Ellington
Tom Fryer
Hope Horlick
Heidi Hauk
Carinna Hernandez
Joanne Kribs
Michelle Larsen
Katherine McIlquham
Frank McIIquham
Brian McKinnon
Donna Meisch
Chris Peisley-Brown
John Pitts
Maggie Shapiro
Mary Slusser
Martha Ustick
Christy Voeltz
Carolyn Woodruff
Stephanie Wright
Stacy Warino
Kadee Lorenzo
Leslie O'Neil
Mary Jean Wynn
Jodelle Smith

Each director holds office for a period of two (2) years and serves without compensation.


How does one become a member?

Anyone can become a member; there are no requirements other than being interested in providing service and resources to our various projects. 

However, to become a voting member, one must pay the annual dues which are $100 per year.

(Only dues paying members can elect officers; vote on the distribution of proceeds, etc.)

Members are also encouraged to volunteer to serve on committees and to assist during the annual golf tournament and other events.

What are the dues for?

The dues money helps pay for the administration of N2Giving such as: website design and maintenance; financial advisor; bank fees; insurance; upfront costs (deposits) for events (such as the annual golf tournament and Big Red Bus Pub Crawl); etc.

Where and when are the meetings held?

The meetings are usually held on a monthly basis.  Although the locations will vary, the goal will be to service restaurants and establishments that have invested in and are supportive of N2Giving projects. (In most cases, each person will be responsible for their meal and drink. However, during special occasions, a set meal fee may be designated.)